Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cheese soufflé

Four eggs....


Chives, parmigiano reggiano, and Picante Mountain Gorgonzola, the stinkiest of stinky blues!

Chopped, shredded and crumbled.

Ramekins, buttered and dusted with a bit of parmigiano.

A roux. Equal parts flour and butter, cooked. Milk.

Until thick and bubbly.

Roux, chives, cheeses, egg yolks, and a dash of cayenne.

All mixed together.

Egg whites, taken to soft peak.

Then folded into the cheese mixture.

Fill ramekins almost full. Bake, 20 minutes or so. Shhh. Tiptoe around while cooking.

Gorgonzola cheese soufflé. Breakfast!


  1. I've been craving your damn soufflés for days. I think you totally baited me on the Metro. "Pick something for me to cook" you say. Admit it -- you've been researching soufflés for weeks!

  2. I admit to baiting you, only because as we sat down there was a man on the train whose hair looked like a souffle and we were talking about food.

    You had total discretion as to what kind of a souffle you assigned me. Cheese was a good choice!