Monday, July 26, 2010

Spicy pork carnitas and red chili sauce

I didn't mean to default to an enchilada. This day was about a pork carnitas and red chili sauce, but this is the direction it ended up taking. A pork carnitas enchilada? Sure, why not.

The pork was excellent. And the chili sauce....WHOA.

Pork shoulder...

Cut up into big chunks.

Cumin, chili powder, cilantro and salt for a rub...

Massaged all over the pork.

A braising liquid. Dark Molasses, red wine vinegar, orange juice, some stock and lots of garlic.

Pork, browned very well in batches.

And removed from pan.

An onion in same pan....

Then the braising liquid and cilantro.

Pork returned to pan and simmered very slowly for 2 hours.

The red chili. Gail sent really hot one this time! Stems and seeds removed. Steeped in simmering water for about 20 minutes.

Out of the water. A couple of big garlic cloves and some oregano.

All of it in the blender, with a bit of the cooking liquid. Hot!

After a couple of hours, the pork looks like this. Falling apart.

Cooled and shredded. This is excellent. Deep flavors. It would be good in chili or tacos.

Some accoutrement...

Chopped and shredded.

Pork and vegetables rolled in tortilla.

Topped with lots of sauce...

And cheese....

And baked for a few minutes.

Pork (carnitas) enchiladas and red chili sauce. Dinner. Whew.

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