Sunday, March 13, 2011

Butter basted filets

A lightening fast way to cook a filet. Thyme, garlic cloves with a couple of slits in them, and just a tablespoon or so of cold butter.

Just salt, pepper, a tiny bit of oil and a red hot pan to get some quick brown on.

Then butter, garlic and thyme thrown in pan...

Pan tilted on the heat and the smoking butter constantly spooned over the steaks for a couple of minutes.

And after just a couple of minutes, the basting cooks them perfectly.

A butter basted filet. Sure would go good with some toasted ravioli.

1 comment:

  1. I used this method on a couple of filets last night and it turned out well. I think next time though I'd give it a few bastes and pop in the oven to finish. I needed to be free to get other things done.

    BTW have you ever dusted your beef with cumin? I love cumin on beef. Had it in a dish in AZ. 2 years ago and have been seasoning beef with it a lot ever since. So good.