Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pommes Parisienne

Cute little crispy potato balls that we've had in French restaurants.

This turned into a two hour event. We completely threw out the first batch after over-boiling the potatoes and didn't like the second batch because they weren't very crispy. We were a genuine America's Test Kitchen...

There is also a lot of potato wasted in making these cute little balls. A big potato only yields a few little balls. You end up with a pile of Swiss cheese-like spuds.

We used the small end of a melon baller, and quickly gave up on expecting every little ball to be perfect. The French of course make them perfect.

Batch three, soaked in water for awhile.

Then drained and boiled in water until a fork just barely stabs into them.

Drained again.

And then into a pan with just enough oil to cover the bottom...

And shaken and rolled around until they just start to get their brown on.

Out and drained again and cooled. They're thoroughly cooked at this point.

Now the crispy part. Just like twice fried french fries. But butter this time.

Tossed and shaken in butter until all beautiful and crunchy outside. All soft and creamy inside.

Tossed with parsley salt and pepper. Pommes Parisienne. Third time was a charm.

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