Friday, May 20, 2011

Cocktail: The Bongo Bongo

The Bongo Bongo has been five years in the tinkering, tweaking, experimenting making. And now it is perfected.

The details are key. A 16 ounce tumbler, half filled with crushed ice and chilled ...

Pineapple juice..

Cranberry juice...

A lime...

Dark rum. Cruzan preferred, Bacardi will do.

And the signature ingredient of the Bongo Bongo...Ting. There is no substitute.

Four ounces of rum. It's a sipping drink. Not a slamming drink.

And four ounces of pineapple juice.

A splash of cranberry...

Topped off all the way to the top with Ting..

And 1/8th of a wedge of lime, FULLY squeezed...

Plaisir des yeux...plaisir du nez...plaisir de la bouche...

L'appreciation! Le Bongo Bongo.


  1. great Job Guys! Congrats on the perfection!!! -c

  2. sounds good! here is my special Love City Voodoo Rum Drink, it's been a big hit for those who like fruity drinks. I make it in a 1/2 gallon jug over ice
    equal parts, approx. 6 0z
    Cruzan Special Dark Rum, Cruzan Banana and Cruzan Quava, then fill almost to top Cerve Mango Juice,
    add about 1/2 cup cranberry and the juice of 1 lime and then add 1 lime cut up. Shake and VooDoo Magic Happens! can be tweaked stronger or more juices have used pineapple in place of cranberry too..enjoy

  3. "Ting. There is no substitute." Well ain't that the damn truth! I heard there was a shortage on island. Glad to see there is a fresh supply!