Friday, March 20, 2009

Out with the old

It's a fresh start for us, it is. And so we unloaded old appliances and our great, great 1940's mahogany dining set. Or suite. (My friend Michael pronounces that SOOT, but he's the only one I've ever met who doesn't say SWEET.)

I sold the old stove and Ikea kitchen table and some other stuff on Craigs list. Actually, I sold the Ikea kitchen table on Craig's List three times because the first two buyers flaked out and didn't show. I think Craig's List is a bit dodgy.

My neighbor bought our refrigerator, replacing hers which she claims was 30 years old.

And a guy from Maryland paid full price for the dining soot...table, 12 chairs, buffet, hutch and cool hideaway bar. He responded to an ad in the free daily The Express, which generated gobs of phone calls. No responses from a Washington Post ad. I thought that was odd.

In one of the drawers of the buffet, I left the 1998 Washington Post classified ad with the soot for sale circled, from when we bought it from a guy in Mount Vernon 10 years ago.

I remember saving that ad for the very day that I would sell the soot to somebody else. My incredible foresight and attention to detail is almost always lost on other people. I also included our ad from last week. I don't think the guy cared much.

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  1. I think I've just been mocked! I stand by my soot!

    suite   [sweet or, for 3 often, soot]
    1. a number of things forming a series or set.
    2. a connected series of rooms to be used together: a hotel suite.
    3. a set of furniture, esp. a set comprising the basic furniture necessary for one room: a bedroom suite.