Sunday, June 21, 2009

I want Michael's pan

I am not happy with the new pans I bought. Three of them are better than me - carbon steel French pans - and there is a big learning curve that I am yet to master. The rest are a cheap Cuisenart set that I cannot for the life of me figure out why I bought. They suck. I really miss my old pans.

I decided to ask my friend Michael if I could please borrow one of his stainless All-Clad pans to see if I liked it and could justify the expense.

One of the best tests of a pan is a multiple layer use of it, and one of the best one pan dishes is beef stroganoff. So let's take Michael's All-Clad for a spin.

It sears beautifully.

And it does a heck of a hot, fast saute.

It deglazes nicely. (If you don't use cognac, it's not stroganoff.)

It reduces quickly.

It cools down reasonably well.

And I cannot fault the results.

Oh...and it cleans up easily. (I better double check that before returning to Michael. He's fussy. Or, maybe I'll just tell him he can't have it back.)

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