Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Caramel-Braised Pork

This is completely someone else’s recipe. I found it on the Williams-Sonoma Website, and it sounded crazy. You basically braise pork in caramel sauce.

But it was not candy sweet or sticky and it was actually very good.


  1. I prepared this tonight from the same
    Williams-Sonoma recipe. For my taste,
    it was much too sweet -- almost like
    candied ginger pork. Cut the sugar in
    half, use one-third the amount of
    ginger, and you probably have an interesting
    entree. Perhaps I was expecting something
    a little more savory and a little less sugary.

  2. Wow. A comment!

    Okay anonymous,I agree you are right. For the record, I used un-refined cane sugar, which is not as icky as refined sugar. Maybe that's why I liked it and it wasn't syrupy sweet.

    As for the ginger, I would have used twice as much. I didn't taste the heat.