Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mushroom and onion tarts

One very big Vidalia onion, sliced thin, Shitake mushrooms, parsley, thyme and Gruyere cheese.

Puff pastry in mini tart pans with butter, pepper and fleur de sel.

Caramelize onions, slowly, patiently on low-ish heat. Add mushrooms and continue. Add herbs, cook down...

Fill tarts not quite out to the edge with mushroom and onions. Top with grated cheese and bake.

Bake until you think it's done. Then bake 5 more minutes. Puff pastry's tricky like that. Cool on rack.

A beautiful beef tenderloin. Olive oil, salt and pepper...

Seared on the stove....

Roasted in the oven with onions...


With white asparagus. Dinner!


  1. Are you done posting on your food blog? Join FB, you'll get a lot of attention.

  2. Nope. Just not cooking. I'll be back.