Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Caramelized Salmon experiment

We love the salmon. Wild Sockeye Salmon especially. Bright orange. It's on the menu close to once a week. Trying something new. Dredged in...sugar. Yes. Just the flesh side.

Then flesh side down in hot, dry pan...while the sugar caramelizes. Maybe four minutes.

Flipped and finished. The top is crunchy and shiny.

Carrot, red onion and bok choy.

Chopped. And garlic...thin little slices. And I found some leftover red pepper.

Canola oil. Garlic and dried red pepper...

Then carrots first.

Soy sauce and rice wine vinegar in with...

Everything else.

And leaves from bok choy added after it's all stir fry-ish done.

Caramelized Salmon and stir fry. Really? Something new and not bad. (Michael made some tilapia.)


  1. I don't like salmon but we do this once in a while and I can tolerate it. Perhaps try this on your next Bongo visit since I don't think you grill in DC.

    Cedar plank soaked in water for min. 30 minutes.
    Lay salmon on plank. Brush with your favorite mustard. Cake it with brown sugar. Optional drizzle with some bourbon or rum or something like that.
    Throw it on the grill.

  2. you can also add crused up ginger snaps to the brown sugar. this same method also makes a kick A$$ ham. Just sayin'