Sunday, April 18, 2010


There are lots of recipes that claim to replicate Kentucky Fried Chicken. Some of them have two very odd things in common....

Tomato flavored Cup-a-soup and Good Seasons Italian dressing mix. The stand ins for secret herbs and spices!

KFC is very moist chicken. I doubt KFC uses buttermilk. But I will. With lots of garlic, salt, pepper and celery seed added. Cover and refrigerate chicken overnight.

KFC is more crunchy than crispy, so half flour and half bread crumbs. With Good Seasons and Cup-a-Soup!

Chicken out of buttermilk and drained a bit. Buttermilk mixed with two eggs.

Chicken in coating mix, then dipped in egg mix, then coating mix one more time.

Peanut oil. No expense spared in this experiment.

Skillet and just a half inch or so of oil, and I'm going for color and texture only.

Looks good, so I'll finish it in the oven. The skin keeps that pliable KFC-like feel to it.

Does it taste EXACTLY like KFC? Actually, pretty close! Lunch.

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  1. Oh, the things I'll learn!!

    (Seriously, interesting post. Hadn't heard the "Cup of Soup" bit. FUN BLOG, GUYS!)