Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fried goat cheese

Really, that's pretty good stuff.

Goat cheese. Really cold. Sliced into little hockey pucks.

And then into flour and egg...

...and then panko with chopped up pistachios.

Refrigerated again to make sure they're really cold.

Then fried in canola oil. The trick is to fry them really fast and turn them only once or twice.

Fried goat cheese, with watermelon, shallots, arugula and fricassee (And Russ' amazing lemon and oil dressing.) Dinner!


  1. YUM! Put that over Josephine's greens and you're in heaven ... or La Tapa!

  2. Ok, that salad itself sounds amazing. "Watermelon, shallots, arugula and fricasee?" (I think you meant frisee?) It's an interesting combo, though. I have never seen watermelon in a salad like that. It was good, though?