Friday, September 3, 2010

Chiles Rellenos

Peppers from Gail in New Mexico. A box full of them! Chiles Rellenos time.

And a salsa to go with it. (That's leftover red sauce from dried chiles.)

Gail roasts peppers in the oven. Not on the flame. I'll try.

That was easy!

Corn salsa.

Cheeses. Cheddar, jack and Queso Fresco. We walked to Mexico to get the Queso Fresco. (It was actually just Columbia Heights, but pretty much the same.)

Cheeses mixed together.

Roasted Chiles splayed open...

Egg batter. Egg whites, and yokes...

Egg whites whipped up....

Yokes added with a bit of flour...

Cheese stuffed in peppers and rolled up.

And then fried. I smell like I work at McDonalds.

Chiles Rellenos. Dinner!

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