Saturday, September 25, 2010

Le Jules Verne

Dining at the top of the Eiffel Tower is most definitely a lifetime highlight.

Le Jules Verne restaurant did not disappoint.

Fleur de Sel with a mother of pearl spoon, and a molded mound of butter tell you right up front you are in for a treat.

To start: A gazpacho soup with itty-bitty croutons floating on top of a blend of herbs and ricotta cheese.

Appetizer: A poached salmon with cauliflower puree, caviar, salmon mouse and pickled root vegetables.

Main course: A chicken fricassee....

And calves liver topped with an impossibly tiny dice of egg.

Before coffee and dessert, home made marshmallows and chocolate marshmallows.

Then a bitter chocolate mouse with a coffee ice cream.

And a savarin sponge cake, soaked with your choice of 20 year old Armagnacs.

And (cleverly) just before the bill is presented...raspberry sundays with orange marmalade macaroons and chocolate truffles.

Lunch at Le Jules Verne for two? 304 Euros. ($395.) Having lunch at Jules Verne? Pretty Priceless.


  1. Pretty priceless indeed... looked perfect, guess the view wasn't bad either.

  2. Oh, meant to say that I have never seen that marshmallow course before! Had you? Did it add to the experience?