Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mushroom sauce

We're simple folk. We make most sauces directly in the same pan we cook the protein in. This is a silky company night sauce.

Shallots and shiitake mushrooms.

Sauteed in olive oil and low heat...

For a long time.

Set ablaze with Cognac.

Then lots of hot stock added.

Garlic, roughly smashed, thyme and a few peppercorns added. Simmered for an hour.

Then strained...

And a splash of red wine and a knob of butter added.

Very slowly reduced on low heat for awhile. Keep an eye on it. Like Wade the Shark

Until it is thick, silky and shimmery.

A beautiful thing.

Mushroom sauce. Dinner!


  1. Very nicely done. That Wade the Shark really seems to know his way around a kitchen.

  2. did Wade give it a thumbs up? does Wade have thumbs?

  3. Will look forward to some of this cooking . . . .