Monday, September 27, 2010

Ritz Beef Bourguignon

The Ritz cooking school's Beef Bourguinon is not unlike a lowly American stew, except for its pedigree and lengthy preparation.

Beef, carrots onion and garlic...all soaked overnight in red wine. (We're already 12 hours into the project.)

Preparing pearl onions and mushrooms for later.

The beef and vegetables drained and separated. Wine marinade saved.

Pork belly. Bacon, just not cured.

Vegetables sauteed in pork fat...

Then beef, in batches, in same pan.

And the vegetables back in, and then flambe'd with cognac.

A dusting of flour.

And then into the oven for 10 minutes to cook the flour.

Then half of the reserved wine marinade added, along with some stock to cover.

Then salt, pepper, thyme and bay leaf.

Covered with parchment paper...

...and thrown in the oven for four hours.

The rest of the marinade reduced on low heat for an hour or so...

Until it is this thick, motor oil-like stuff called "miroir." As in mirror, because you can see yourself in it.

More pork belly fried crisp.

Mushrooms cooked down in pork fat.

And onions added to same fat...

And covered with parchment paper to slowly cook. (We have these things in America called LIDS!)

And the big reveal....

Onions and mushrooms added to pan...

Along with the mirior.

Some pasta with parsley and chives to go with it....

And viola. Ritz Beef Bourguignon. Dinner. At 11 p.m.

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