Monday, January 17, 2011

Pork Adobo

A falling apart pork roast soaked in a spicy, citrus-y sauce.

Pork shoulder roast. This one all tied up. That will keep it from falling apart until I want it to.

Browned on all sides.

And removed.

The braising liquid will eventually be an incredibly good sauce. Oranges and Chipotle chilies in Adobo sauce. And some vinegar and stock.

An onion and some wine to clean up the pan...

Roast back in with squeezed oranges, and everything else.

After three hours in a low oven, it is fall apart tender, and full of flavor from the Adobo and oranges.

That braising liquid strained and fat separated, and the chilies rescued and coarsely chopped up. Reduced until syrupy.

Pork Adobo on top of potatoes. Heat and sweet. Dinner!

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  1. This inspired tonight's dinner. Pork shoulder rubbed w adobo, ancho, cinnamon, garlic, jumpin jumbie season salt, brown sugar, kosher salt, mexican oregano. Left to steep overnight. Today seared off then in oven with chipotles, stock, pineapple juice. It has been in since 9ish. Spanish rice, grapefruit margaritas, CHEERS!