Friday, February 4, 2011

Test Kitchen: Java Booty Rub

We were asked by our friends at to give a little kitchen test to Java Booty Rub, a new spice rub from St. John Catering chef Mat, a.k.a. Mathayom.

It's quite the curious mix of coffee, smoked salt, cocoa powder and brown sugar, with some paprika, cayenne and cinnamon thrown in.

We'll try it out with some chunky pork chops.

Chops trimmed, a bit of olive oil and a healthy handful of Booty Rub liberally applied.

It promises a smokey flavor, which just about anything gets on a we'll try it out stove top instead. Quick, hot sear on both sides...finished in the oven...

We couldn't distinguish any one flavor. It all came together with a very distinctive, smokey taste. Quite excellent. Mathayom Java Booty Rub. Dinner!

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