Sunday, January 2, 2011

Roasted dates

This was my lunch Saturday at Logan Tavern. Tomato soup and these delicious roasted dates, stuffed with Parmesan cheese and wrapped in bacon. Had to try to copy that.

Straight forward enough. Medjool dates. Bacon. And cheese. I tried Parmesan in some and Gruyere in some.

Dates slit open and pit removed.

Then healthy chunks of cheese stuffed where the pit was.

Then dates sealed back up. They're sticky. They're happy to close back up.

Wrapped in bacon. Stretched tight and secured with toothpick. One slice of bacon was enough for three dates.

Put on a rack, then thrown in a very hot oven - 500 degrees - for about 10 minutes. I'm usually not a big date fan. They're terribly sweet. But roasting seems to mellow them.

Toothpicks removed. Plated up Logan Tavern style. Mine were every bit as good. Better actually.

The Gruyere cheese was the best of the two. Roasted dates with bacon and cheese. Snack!

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