Friday, April 15, 2011

Sticky Chicken, oven version

Like my grilled version at Bongo Bongo, only modified so it works better in an oven.

A chicken...

Cut in half...

And given a good rubbing with lemon juice...

and then brushed generously with melted butter.

A mix of brown sugar, paprika, salt and pepper...

Heavily sprinkled (not rubbed) onto chicken halves.

In a pan (with what's left of the lemon) and thrown into an oven at 475 degrees. Oven door closed, temperature immediately turned down to 375 degrees.

After 45 minutes, the butter helps caramelize the brown sugar into a tasty, sticky crust.

Sticky Chicken, oven version. Dinner!


  1. Jeff... I bought a bunch of skin on, bone in breasts at Safeway yesterday. I want the skin off, which I can handle pretty fast. But... will this work with skinless chicken?

  2. I'd say sure! (Could you just go ahead and send me that skin? Shame to let it go to waste.)

  3. I was lazy and left it on. But then I kept picking it off before eating it. WASTED SKIN *AND WASTED FLAVOR*... AKKKKKK! (Fortunately, I brined the chicken before cooking, so it was juicy.)

    I didn't get nearly as good of a result as you did. Not as much brown, darnit. I think I need your EXACT recipe, Jeff. But it was tasty.