Monday, March 16, 2009

The cabinets

Our first decision is cabinets and it pays to be a consumer in this economy. At Miguel's urging, we bought cabinets from Home Depot, which has huge discounts right now. If you spend $10,000, you automatically get $1,600 off.

We chose Kraftmaid cabinets, and even with this higher-end brand, we struggled to get to $10K. Add a few extras and we hit the magic number, qualifying for the big discount.

This is actually the color too. It's called Cinnamon. The door shape pictured here is pretty close as well. We're told a 4 to 6 week delivery.

It was also a really grueling day. You have to sit at a little cubicle and make all these choices which eventually become minutia, and after about 3 hours you are hungry and faint and willing to give in to the repeated suggestion to apply for a Home Depot charge card. Which we now have.

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