Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dinner for one (is no fun)

Russell has gone to St. John by himself this month.

So...dinner for one it is. Two teeny potatoes, carrots, garlic and the lowly skirt steak. (Saturday is ALWAYS red meat night.)

Potatoes and carrots boiled together for five minutes or so. Pan quickly washed. (That's what my Sous chef would do.)

Carrots done. Potatoes half done.

Garlic keeps the monsters away, all alone and all.

Red hot pan, dry. Two minutes on each side. Done. (Plenty big. Leftovers for solo me.)

While the steak rests, same pan (no Russ to clean up so keep it simple) oil, butter and garlic.

Then potatoes (boiling for a few minutes first makes them all fluffy inside.)

Then carrots (just to heat through...)

Then parsley because even alone, things should look nice.

And dinner for one is done! But no one here to praise me. :(

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