Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rockfish with ramps

These are ramps. Potent, garlicy onion things. I think they just are weeds that Farmers Market people have learned to pitch to canvas bag-toting yuppies as a seasonal delicacy. (But they are potent and good.)

This is absolutely fresh Chesapeake Bay rockfish caught by the angler husband of a co-worker. Chris is an artist with the fillet knife. Gorgeous.

We'll make a sort of ramps pesto. With ramp whites and leaves. And walnuts instead of pine nuts. And reggiano and oil and lemon.

That turned out nice! Very, very garlicy strong.

Casarecce pasta.

Rockfish with pasta and ramps pesto. Dinner!


  1. This is a dinner more than worthy of the time it took the angler to land the fish (and the patience of his wife to give him the time to do it). And, added bonus, I can now use ramps in a food sentence. Beautifully done!

  2. I've missed a lot of good stuff! Damn vacations!