Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A cookbook chicken

I haven't bought a cookbook in years, but Michael said 'buy this one.' So, I did. And it's very fun. Let's make one of the Dudes' chicken dinners.

Chicken thighs. Really. One of the best parts to cook.

And shallot and thyme....and parsley. (It's the middle of the week. Not much parsley left.)

Oh, and the pan. The premise of the cookbook is one pan. Fun book! The "skillet chapters," the "Dutch oven chapters." the "casserole chapters," etc. So... Skillet. Oil.

Shallots, parsley, thyme chopped and ready.

Brown thighs in oil on medium high heat. ( I fail the dudes here. HIGH heat, and the oil goes on the thighs, not in the pan. But they are published. Not me.)

Chicken out. Shallots in.

And then the boys get a bit clever. Not the wine just yet. Red wine vinegar first. Sassy. (Not something I'd think to do, but it made the shallots really nicely sweet.)

And the white wine and they say water. (This water thing I could not do. A bit of stock instead.)

Then the thyme and parsley and a nob of butter. (Much bigger quantity of herb than I would do. I just learned something. Or, am about to.)

And, yawn, reduced.

Other than the fact that I just realized that's an ugly picture, Dudes did well. Note to self. Double up on the herbs!

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