Monday, December 27, 2010

A lamb shank

The best meal I had on our trip to France this fall was a simple lamb shank at an inexpensive, out of the way, nothing fancy cafe. Served in a cute miniature little pot even.

Mine actually looks a lot better, but it wasn't as tasty. My head may have also been clouded by the location. (And this is still pretty darn good.)

Lamb shanks. (Whole Foods hasn't ridiculously overpriced these yet.)

Usual stew suspects. Carrot, onion, potato, garlic. And parsley.

Shanks, browned all 'round.

Onions taken halfway, then whole garlic cloves, slit a couple of times, added.

All cooked around with some tomato paste for a couple of minutes.

Then some stock added.

Oh look! Same picture. Again. Then some stock added....

Then the shanks on top, and carrots and potatoes all around.

Covered, and baked, low, for two hours.

Shanks removed, vegetables strained, then stock returned to pan and sauced up.

Shanks back in sauce long enough to get a good cook through.

Falling off the bone lamb shank, tasty! But missing that je ne sais quoi.

But I wasn't hungry for je ne sais quoi. I was hungry for shank! Dinner.

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